Saturday, April 09, 2011

Reading matters

Getting mixed up here? Is this one of my 'weekend video' posts? Not really. Having filled a couple of evenings with Michael Harvey's book The Third Rail I was searching for a cover image to post and stumbled upon the 'book trailer'. It is indeed interesting to see how many publishers are using such clips as a promotional device these days. A video genre hardly known just five years ago it is now growing rapidly. More here.

Would a book trailer incite me to make a purchase? I doubt it. Would I use this kind of cross-platform presentation as part of a storytelling project of my own?  Well, did I not do just that back in 2007?

Anyway Harvey's book was enjoyable, very tightly plotted, for me a six out of ten, I think.

An Amazon review...

Michael Harvey's third Windy City noir is a superb thriller that grips the audience with the first shot fired and never slows down until the final confrontation. The story line effortlessly switches from the hero's first person viewpoint starting with a gun butt to his head and a profound third person look into the heads of deadly duet. 

I more or less agree. 

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