Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring cleaning

The thing is, I don't do flowers! I like the look of them, I guess, and I have from time to time mulled over the idea of buying some realistic artificial blooms but always rejected the notion as being too naff.

When was the last time I made a purchase at a real florists shop? It must have been in the late eighties. What finally moved me to get two bunches of white things (their names I know not... but I am aware that they are flowers and not vegetables... that far I have a grasp of things botanical...) was the sudden appearance a couple of days ago of new green leaves on the local trees and the simultaneous urge to make some changes to my workspace so that the laptop and the multitude of wires behind it do not dominate the view of my desk.

Yes, well they say that the onset of spring can have revivifying effects...

And I do find Cintia Dicker a perfect harbinger of spring...

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