Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I was reminded (thanks, Buckle!) of a television broadcast I missed a couple of days ago. As a Scot I understandably find the Edinburgh Military Tattoo stirring stuff indeed, although the curmudgeon in me finds that the event is becoming just a bit too kitsch.

This year the show included a performance by a Dutch military mounted band... mounted, however, on bicycles!

But the Tattoo this year also saw participation which bridged the gap between the land of my birth and the one I now call home.

"The German Mountain Army Band, “Gebirgsmusikkorps”, from Bavaria make their debut at the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo 2011 and are the first German military band to participate in the Tattoo for 25 years."  

And for me the alphorn is an instrument just as capable of sending shivers up my spine as the bagpipes.

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