Thursday, September 01, 2011

La rentrée

As soon as the calendar page is turned and the month of September revealed I am... still at my advanced age... overwhelmed immediately by that 'back to school' feeling. Was it dread? Or just a twinge of regret that the freedoms of summer were now to be curtailed.

This year I took no days off from work... free-lancers tend not to... but the end of summer means [a] that I'll be taking an inside table when I make my daily trip to Café Schwabing instead of sitting outside and [b] that my BFF will be returning this weekend to Maastricht for her second year of studies and this will mean there will be no more spontaneous daddy-and-daughter rendezvous for while.

However stiff upper lip and keep smiling are the orders of the day. And to conjure up a couple of smiles I am re-blogging the following drolleries harvested from the interwebs earlier on this 1st day of September 2011.

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