Sunday, November 06, 2011

Reading matters

An Amazon reader review...

"...oh, what a thriller. It's a thousand pages with the dynamic energy of a bullet train or a wild mustang, screaming along with an almost unbearable intensity and narrative zest. I found myself nipping a hundred pages at a time, like trying to gag down a glass of Bacardi 151, because it moves with explosive speed and a madcap intensity that never really lets up. It's not a traditional Stephenson novel, but only a writer of his caliber could have crafted a thriller this long, complex, and energetic. And you get the sense that he just had a ridiculous amount of fun writing it. It's worth every moment of the read, and it's terrific fun watching the thriller genre get worked over by a writer of a caliber rarely seen in the straight-to-paperback set." 

For me Reamde was this year's truly memorable reading experience, on a par with my serial immersion in Stieg Larsson's Millennium  trilogy last August. And, as was the case with those three volumes, the reading filled two weekends and the intervening week. For a budget-conscious reader this was huge value for money as well as a joyous reading experience.

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