Monday, November 07, 2011

My life is average

...but not 'my' photo! I found it by chance on Wikipedia. The number 27 tram brings me back late afternoon from my daily visit to my client, where I upload the day's translations into the CMS and build the updated web pages. And the tram stops right in front of Café Schwabing where one or two beers are the ritual before I walk the couple of blocks to my flat where the evening's reading awaits...

For quite a long time I subscribed to the feed My Life Is Average (MLIA) and today I recalled so many posts during the autumn before last in which 'crispy leaves' were mentioned. Here the trees started to shed their foliage about a couple of weeks ago and since then it hasn't rained. As a result the leaves are still dry and wonderfully crispy and kicking through big piles of them makes even an aged Sandlander feel a bit like a kid again.

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