Sunday, January 22, 2012

Weekend video 4

Text below re-blogged from here.
"Monocle 24 a post-Internet effort. In the animation above, Monocle shows the listener next to a home stereo, at a club, in the car listening to Monocle 24. The implicit assumption is that these devices are Internet-enabled. But the message is that Internet media is not a style of media. The Internet is invisible to the experience. 
Monocle makes no Internet concessions. No tweetable headlines, no compressed audio. Even as it undeniably exploits the Internet. After all, its radio station is Internet only. 
Traditional media types like to champion Monocle as a victory against the Internet. But they're missing the point. Monocle is post-Internet. Monocle is an example of how purposeful creative work is bigger than its medium."
Monocle 24 is what I listen to when BBC Radio 4 has programming which fails to interest me.

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