Monday, March 26, 2012

Referrals to The Guardian

Even the people at The Guardian who are responsible for all things digital seem to be astonished. Suddenly referrals from Facebook are as important as a traffic driver as those coming from Google. I fear that as far as social networking is concerned I simply don't 'get it'! I do not have a large entourage of friends or acquaintances with whom I wish to share the trivia of my personal life. Nor do I use tagging properly to give this blog the SEO it might... conceivably... merit. I own neither a smart phone or a tablet device and while I know what apps are they do not have any place in my digital life.

Can it be that being fully satisfied with the tech of the day before yesterday is a sign that I am losing touch and becoming less excited by innovation and progress than I once was? 

The idea of The Guardian being so dependent on referrals from either Facebook or Google I also have difficulty in grasping. Any content source I value is simply added to my RSS reader.

Am I missing something here?

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