Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Yes, on Sunday I did look thoughtful! Partly because the nicest bit of the summer is at the end of this week over... the weeks when Jessi was back in Munich. This week she moves on for her foreign semester in Barcelona. 

She will be missed. 

This is also the week when the city of Munich is at its quietest... today is a mid-week religious holy day (an advantage of living in a state where Catholicism is influential) which makes it attractive for a holiday break even for those who are unable to allow themselves a longer vacation. Now there is plenty of room on trams and busses, spare parking spaces on the streets, fewer shoppers in many stores.

Some of the city's spare capacity is taken up, of course, by tourists... many of them from just across the Alps who find Monaco di Baviera a particularly attractive destination at the time of Ferragosto.

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Jessi said...

Bavaria will be missed too, believe me!