Saturday, October 27, 2012

Home thoughts

It looks quite idyllic, doesn't it? It's an estate in Derwenthorpe in Yorkshire. This is seen as a pilot project, potentially showing a way of responding the the British housing crisis.

From The Guardian...

"We are a nation obsessed with where we live. Yet despite this, the UK has the smallest, meanest, most shoddily built housing in western Europe. And there is by no means enough of it."

From the BBC

"New homes in Britain are the smallest in Europe with one-bedroom flats 20% smaller than equivalent flats in Germany and three-bedroom houses 16% smaller."

Only 39 percent of Germans own their own home, compared to  68 percent in the U.K.

The Guardian again...

"Many in the industry believe the UK should move to a regime more like Germany's, where tenants have extensive rights including security of tenure, assured rental rates and protection from hardship caused by unfair practices."

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