Thursday, May 01, 2014

My last television set

Jeffrey Katzenberg has an intriguing prediction for the future of film distribution. The DreamWorks Animation chief says that within 10 years, movies will only get three weekends in the theater, and then will be available everywhere, at which point viewers will pay based on the size of the screen they watch it on. (article here)

Well, I'm not often in a huge cinema and most of my television sets have been modest in terms of screen size. But in future it seems that it will be both prudent and economical to watch audio-visual entertainment on a tablet litle bigger than the Kindle I use for reading.

Hence today seemed like a good day to unhook my very last television set. It's not white like the one pictured above but black, nor do I intend to simply abandon it on the pavement outside. It does, however, have a built-in VHS player and with its 35 centimetre screen diagonal it was undoubtedly manufactured in the last century.

Nice note... I started almost fifty years ago with a Sony and ended with one too. There were good times!

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Jessi said...

It is one of the nicest designs I have seen for a TV!!!