Sunday, August 31, 2014

Auf wiedersehen

Dear Summer,

Your visits to us this year in Munich were very timid, tentative and lacking in confidence. Why did you not make the kind of grand entrance you used to? It was wonderul when you barged into the calendar and simply took over a chunk of our year, never to let it go for weeks and weeks and weeks.

Or is my memory coloured by nostalgia more than precise recall? Perhaps. Although when I contemplate my collection of photographs from seasons past it certainly looks as if there were months on end of balmy temperatures and blue skies.

Oh well, dear Summer, I shall forgive you I suppose. And I’ll give you chance to surprise me in the year of my seventy-fifth birthday, to delight me once more. Come to us with your blessings again, and stick around for longer than just the occasional weekend. I shall be waiting hopefully at an outside table at the renovated CafĂ© Schwabing. Until then, goodbye!

With fond regards,

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