Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Back to school

As I hit the button to upload this post early on Tuesday morning, Jessi is already on the train, starting the journey which will end when the Eurostar arrives at St. Pancras International in London. For the first week she and her friend Kiera will be staying in Whitechapel while they hunt for a flat to serve as their home during their year at King's College.

Her gang will miss her. Her parents will miss her. What a wonderful adventure awaits my daughter. Okay, her Auld Da must settle for contact limited to the Skype messaging window which enable our 'Long Desk' dialogues... and Munich will feel very empty until the break after her first semester. But she is sure to have a great time and is so lucky to be continuing her studies at such a fine university.

It seemed very fitting to have our farewell dinner yesterday at an excellent Indian restaurant here in Schwabing. I think I can safely predict that there will be many a curry consumed in London in the months to come!

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