Monday, September 15, 2014

Grounds for optimism

 Since mid-April those of us who regarded Café Schwabing as an extension of our domestic living space, our sociable lounge, have been forced to migrate to other nearby establishments for the duration of the building work. None of the alternatives have been found more than tolerable at best.

Hence there has been some trepidation as to what might become of the premises at the corner of Kurfürstenplatz. We were assured that it would not be degraded to become a MacDo or other fast-food outlet. One watched as the interior was gutted, hopeful when the arched openings in the facade were enlarged to accommodate floor-to-ceiling windows. Now a local newspaper reveals that the new identity will be Brasserie Schwabing. Promised is the proper 'brasserie' combination of restaurant, bar and café which is something of a relief.

Now my speculations centre on the question of the décor. Will the Munich brewery opt for an anonymous  contemporary look? Will they go for a 'faux French' approach, like the Balthazar in New York?  I suppose that an even more pressing question is whether an aging Sandlander earning pitifully little from translation work will still be able to afford to patronize the new establishment!

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