Sunday, September 14, 2014

Next Sunday will be different

With just days to go The Observer notes that "A new political settlement for the union offers a convincing opportunity of a new start for the whole of Britain. On Thursday, Scotland will decide but, whatever that choice, Britain will not be, and should not be, the same again."

Would I still cast my ballot for 'yes'?

As a Euro-Scot I would, and for reasons similar to those of the blogger Bella Caledonia, based as I am in Germany. "Slowly I realized that Scottish self-rule has the potential to be a building block for the 'Europe of the regions' that my anti-nationalist German self had been advocating all along. The fact that Scotland is so self-consciously pro-European made this realization easier. Indeed, to me, it´s much easier to imagine Scotland alone thriving in the European Union, than for a truly trusting relationship between the United Kingdom and the Continent ever to develop."

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