Thursday, September 18, 2014

Mei wär des schee...

Bavaria is very much older than any German nation, with a millennium of autonomy which ended only 150 years ago when Ludwig II was the last monarch of the state which, like Scotland, sports blue-and-white as its colours. In the beergardens (and we have again the right weather!) today's referendum is a subject of conversation. The Scottish example... and its possibilities... inspires discussion. The only problem is that while there are a good number of Bavarians who would love to see a separation from Federal Germany, there are also Franconians who are fed up with being part of the Freistaat Bayern!

So I guess hell will be icy before we see a Bavière libre! In the meantime I am hunting for updates about separatist urges in France, where the media are happy enough to report about the nation with whom there was such a long-lasting Auld Alliance.

[Ach, 'tis all just thumb-twiddling to help fill the hours of this momentous day!]

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