Friday, September 19, 2014

Close, but no cigar!

 InI must admit I slept badly. There were troubling dreams.

In one I learned to my consternation that 74% of Scottish voters had finally voted 'no'! In another I was confronted with the fact that a much needed client payment would not be forthcoming. And then in my fevered imagination my laptop (a device not in the best of health) gave up the ghost with an ultimate 'blue screen of death'.

A relief it was to waken, make coffee, turn on BBC Radio 4 and listen to over three hours of analysis of the referendum outcome.

The United Kingdom, reeling after a plebiscite clearly showing mass disenchantment with 'politics as usual', will now embark on a process of disruptive constitutional reform. It is a very exciting new beginning.

While the Scots were voting, in London Jessi completed her enrollment at King's... a new beginning of a very positive kind.

I think I prefer to retain that development as the real highlight of the 18th of September 2014.

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