Monday, September 22, 2014

Not over until it's over

From the Quartz newsfeed...

"Scotland, as a result of the Scottish National Party’s efforts, is closer to independence than it has been since the Battle of Culloden. The post-modern version of national independence tends to come in small steps, changing the infinitely complex global system a bit at a time rather than by 'kicking the bastards out' and throwing up a new flag. Scotland is likely to reap a series of concessions from its southern neighbor, the one which just proclaimed filial love for its tartan-clad supposed equal. It will receive independence, though probably not the sort we have come to expect from the geopolitics of the 18th through 20th centuries."

And in consequence, the English are mighty worried.

Jeremy Clifford, editor of the Yorkshire Post...

"On a visit to Leeds last Thursday, Nick Clegg said the 'devolution genie is out of the bottle now. In light of the Scottish referendum, there is no going back on the issue of delivering increased powers, not only north of the border but also to the English regions. Indeed, in Yorkshire – where for some time there has been a growing chorus calling for a greater say over major policy issues confronting the county – there is a sense of anger that Scotland will be rewarded for its actions. But Yorkshire is not looking for greater powers on its own. The northern region is a potential powerhouse of economic regeneration, but is held back by lack of investment from Whitehall. Its political leaders already work together to identify how to coordinate themselves, to call for greater autonomy and power. And with that must come greater control over the purse strings."

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