Sunday, September 21, 2014

Oktoberfest 2014

In most years the Oktoberfest is a magnet for foreigners. The Australians have what might be termed a colourful reputation. The Italians invade on the second weekend, their camping cars parked in the most unlikely places. And many kilted Scots descend on Munich, possibly with the express purpose of getting the local girls in their saucy Dirndl dresses to ask that inevitable question...

Will the Scottish visitors this year simply be seeking to drown their sorrows after the defeat last Thursday? I wonder. Maybe I shall venture into town at some point to see for myself. Although I will not visit the bustling festival grounds, the Theresienwiese..Why? Because I am aware of a "been there, done that" feeling which admits of no possible better experience than that of 1989.

We celebrated Jessi's christening in the Hofbräuzelt... family connections allowed us to enjoy VIP treatment. And I was permitted to conduct the band, daughter clutched in one arm, as they performed the Bayerischer Defiliermarsch. Stirring stuff... glorious memories. Prosit!

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