Thursday, October 09, 2014

3D selfies?

I missed this by Lucy Mangan in The Guardian last year...
"Here I go, stepping into the future. You make sure you are standing on your mark – the lenses are essentially focused on a column of space in the middle of the booth, so you can't pose with your arms out to the side or your mini-me will emerge partially limbless – and the cameras click. This must be what Z-list celebrity feels like. I don't want a picture of me taken from any angle. I wonder who will actually take up the opportunity in a department store when they have to pay for the privilege of having their every flaw rendered in plastic for posterity? The aesthetically fortunate? The supremely self-confident? The tragically deluded?"

It was only when a flyer was pushed through the letter-box that I learned that there is a shop in the neigbourhood where what can only be called '3D selfies' can be created. I am invited to take advantage of the special offer... a free 1:30 figurine if I purchase a 1:10 statuette which would, presumably, stare back at me from my desk.

And yet interestingly enough the promotion by MY3:DE is not targeted to narcissistic yuppies (let alone to old codgers like me) but to hipsters!

How strange!

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