Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Writing matters

"Germany is one of the most important markets for books in English. More than 40 million people living in Germany are fluent English-speakers. They do not only adore British and American television series... they also love books by British and American writers in both original and translated versions!"

In late July, I blogged my intention to try a different approach to self-publishing. As a writer resident in Germany, why not upload a story (in English but set in German-speaking territories) to ePubli, a platform based in this country. In theory this could make TheodoraLand more 'discoverable' than it would be in the mass of  Kindle originals.We shall see. The biggest problem I face is my scepticism with regard to the promotional tools most often seen as mandatory for self-publishers... Facebook, Twitter, Xing, LinkedIn and all the other social networking sites. As an aging misanthrope I cannot imagine an online community in which I would feel at home.

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