Friday, October 17, 2014

Page-flipping good news

What fun! As a self-publishing novelist with a background in the audio-visual media it is hard for me to be content with storytelling using only text. I would dearly love to illustrate my narratives with imagery. But since I would not have the needed rights to photos downloaded from the web it would then be impossible to monetize the end product.

I allowed myself, however, to use pictures quite lavishly in my memoir Nosce te ipsum. The spread above is from a file generated using the aXmag tool and I find the result absolutely wonderful. This was a free trial, and I shall not be paying USD 99 in order to save it... not worth the investment given that my autobiography is still incomplete, covering as yet only 1940 to 1981. I am not sure how long the page-flipping version (converted from a PDF) will be hosted by aXmag, but the link is here for any intrigued by the idea of peeking into an old man's history... illustrated history!  

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