Saturday, August 08, 2015


'Tis said, although the assertion is not uncontested, that for a dog a single year equals seven human years. I wonder what the ratio is for laptop computers! I have the feeling that my venerable Samsung has become almost as enfeebled and stubborn as its owner. It refuses to display the content of folder windows in a size I can actually read.

This I find sad. There was a time when, standing in a bus queue in London, I could tell whether the distant double-decker was a 49 or a 14 long before anyone else. Anyway,of late I have been considering the acquisition of a 27-inch monitor as a solution.

Then as a far cheaper alternative I came up with the idea of simply buying a serious magnifying glass. Where, oh where, might I find such a device, preferably within easy walking distance in my Schwabing-West 'village'. 

My quest was not simple. And finally I had to admit that I am not a digital native. My web research over the period of a good week gave me the addresses of some Munich opticians, but none was close to home. Wouldn't a true digital native have turned immediately to Amazon?

Oh well,the magnifying glass will on Monday be delivered.A lesson of a kind has been learned. 

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