Monday, February 29, 2016

No complaints

This most agreeable routine has, however, a downside. The frienldy Turk at the All In One döner bar and the ebullient Italian at Venezia need only see me approaching and the order is on the way. Hence there is no conversatio, no way for me to judge the extent to which my hearing is on that day impaired, this faculty being subject, unfortunately, to erratic vacillations.

Luckily there is about once a week a visit from Felix. The lovely black dog is parked with me for about an hour while Mickey attehds a doctor's appointment. This provides an opportunity to talk for a few minutes, and if I do not aske her to repeat eveything she says, then I can be happy that my ears are working well!. In her absence In her absence I chat happily with Felix who fails to reply, stubborn canine that he is!

Ya hear wha' I'm sayin'?

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