Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Reading matters

Recently I've been buying books in the Kindle 'bargain basement' so I should probably not have expected more than formulaic police procedurals, including a couple of flawed efforts at Scottish noir.

But investing a few pennies more gave me access to some truly admirable storytelling. Susie Steiner's Missing Presumed was a delightful discovery as was Mainlander by Will Smith. 

Following these up with the latest adveventure of Dr Geneviève Lenard and her Strasbourg posse allows me to be an uncomplaing reader for the next little while. 

By coincidence, the day after I fiunished Susie Steiner's novel I heard her on one of the BBC Radio 4 book programmes speaking candidly of impairment to her eyesight. She admitted to being grateful that the Kindle Reader allows for the display of greatly enlarged text when reading. When writing she ups the point-size on her screen in order to have comfortable legibility. How I empathize! I shall soon undergo minor surgery which will I hope remedy a cataract problem which has become troublesome. 

Not that this will make me as good a writer as Ms Steiner but, hey, there are no medical miracles on offer in that respect.

Text composed in a 24pt window!  

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