Monday, April 18, 2016

Spring break

It was not only the family dog who was delighted that Jessi could break away from her duties in Berlin to make a flying thirty-six hour visit to us in Munich. It was enough time to catch up on news.

Mine was of the outcome of a medical examination, something I had not undergone since the cursory check when I'd applied for residency in the Sandlands.

The doctor was laconic... if my permbulations were tiresome, walks not longer than half a kilometre and interrupted with pauses to catch my breath, there eas little chance of improvement in what I shall now caall my 'Mphys shuffle'. The medic's somment, delivered in English...

"It's your age and your smoking... live with it!"

I fully intend to do so, buoyed by the fact that the blood tests, the electrocardio and the x-rays gave no gtounds for concern. All of this confirms that nothing stands in the way of an eye operation in early may. And that means, I trust, that afterwards I'll no longer have to enlarge the type of my manusscipts to 24 pt in order to continue my work-in-progress. How very welcome that would be.

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Jessi said...

It was so good to see you mr. Mphys shuffle :)