Sunday, June 26, 2016

Wir schaffen that!

The weekend edition of the Süddeutsche-Zeitung was as always serious and insightful in its coverage of the Brexit decision. 

Bild-Zeitung opted for humour with only the faintest hint of Schadenfreude. The headline 'Wir schaffen that!' is a reference to Chancellor Angela Merkel's famous pronouncement that 'we will cope', at the outset of the Syrian refugee crisis.    

“Dear Brefugees, Brit happens! But luckily for you there is the German tradition of hospitality. You can be sure that, if you now want to escape from your little island, your quirky and debonair Britishness will find a new and welcoming home with us. We have the prettier girls (which you’ll admit even when sober). Our guys are also cute. Our beer comes with a proper frothy head. Only you’ll have to accept that the 1966 Wembley goal decision was wrong! Also come einfach over. Together schaffen wir that!”

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