Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Life goes on

Time to draw back, to ignore the macro uncertainties stemming from Brexit and deal with hesitations on a micro level, those I confront in my own little village. I hesitate, for example, in deciding how to spend EUR 20, a sum I can afford to commit to a discretionary outlay.

A trim of hair and beard, which could make me look a bit more civilized?

The pleasure of a warm meal delivered, which could make a change from my usual cold suppers? 

Putting my winter polo shirts and roll-necks into the cleaners, which would empty the laundry basket?

Ah, but maybe EUR 20 is irresponsible! With my local discount supermarket closed for a while, my outlay for essentials will higher. On the other hand, if I reduced my smoking and watched free TV instead of Kindle bingeing then I might have more to spend on frivolities!

Decisions, decisions!  

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