Saturday, April 29, 2017

Vote AI

For mere humans, the complexities of governing our pseudo-democracies have become daunting. This hold true across the pond, where Herr Drumpf is waking up to some grim realities. It is also the case in Britain, where it has been decided that for the next two years, if not longer, the nation's elected representatives will be completely distracted as they try to resolve issues which should never have been allowed to arise in the first place.

My feeling is that it is now time to let Artificial Intelligence loose. Globally networked machine learning clusters with constantly evolving interdependent algorithms could be the cyberpunk solution to the problem of incompetent or bemused political institutions.

No prorogations will ever interrupt the work of the bots. They are tireless, unsullied by any whim of racism, sexism or ageism, unlikely to fiddle their expenses or to transgress in any other scandalous manner and they will never succumb to pressure from any constituency or vested interest.They will be resolutely rational, if sometimes uncomfortably judgemental.  

The AI manifesto? We'll have to wait and see what crunching 'big data' delivers. 

A scary prospect? Perhaps no more frightening than what's happening now.


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