Monday, May 01, 2017

Workers of the world...

Forget the serried ranks of factory workers, parading their solidarity arm in arm as they march through the cities. Today we must confront the reality of 'zero hours' contracting of ostensibly independent free-lancers whose earnings often do not correspond to living-wage legislation. We must hope that governments not distracted by the trivia of pseudo-democracy (if such there be) will give serious consideration to the future of work.

from The Guardian
"Work and pensions committee says employers force workers into bogus self-employment and free-ride on welfare state. In a damning assessment of modern employment practices, the committee calls on the next government to bring laws up to date so that workers are better protected from exploitation. Given concerns about the rising number of workers classed as self-employed contractors with no access to sick benefit or holiday pay, it wants the default status for people in the gig economy to be 'worker' rather than 'self-employed'."

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