Friday, October 27, 2017


I'm struck by some things that really should not have happened.

The October revolution

The Brexit referendum

The Trump presidency

The Kennedy assassination

It is the latter that's on my mind today, after the release of documents that have hitherto been kept under lock and key by US authorities.

My personal interest in all of this goes back to 1961, the year I left Dallas to return to Europe. During my time in Texas, I made no effort to assimilate, or disguise my 'old world' origins. I rode a Vespa scooter rather than take the wheel of a Chevy. I held an off-campus job working at a cinema showing mainly films of European origin. This was the time when the 'nouvelle vague' was truly new and inspiring

Above all, I found it agreeable when others with a non-American background were part of my life in Dallas, and that most assuredly included Jerzy Sergius von Mohrenschildt and his family. Noteworthy is the fact that George de Mohrenschildt was, after the Kennedy killing, interrogated by the Warren Commission for longer than any other witness.

More important for me in 1961 was the fact that his two daughters, Alexandra and Christiana, habitually hung out at my place of work, the Fine Arts Theater, just a couple of minutes from the de Mohrenschildt family home on Thackeray Street, while Alex (who later I would compare with the Slavic beauty Nastassja Kinski) was in fact, although only seventeen-years-old, married to a good friend of mine, Gary Taylor. Needless to say, I was quietly besotted with Alex!

I'm wondering today whether the newly released documents will cast any new light on the de Mohrenschildts, beyond what has already been revealed.

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