Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Video literacy

Michael Rosenblum asks:

As we become a video driven culture, where is the ‘video literacy education’ to come from? Who is going to set the standards for excellence in ‘video making’? Who is going to serve as the editor and publisher of the explosion of video work this is coming?

Youtube is great as a platform for dissemination. But it does not do much more than that. What is needed here is a publisher and editor and teacher.

What better role than that for Public Broadcasting in the 21st Century?

There is video literacy education out there; the Current.TV site illustrated is one example. But the idea that PBS and similar broadcasters could deliver training is a good one.

It would be interesting to consider the production of a 'how to' video series using CGI animation to demonstrate the points being made. Why animation? Because there is a worldwide need for video literacy, and animated video can be adapted easily to be available in foreign language versions. It's a project that one of the empowerment promoting charitable foundations could consider funding.

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