Monday, May 26, 2014

Mea culpa 2

While I am in confessional mode I must admit that I have overcome an inhibition I thought would be with me as long as I live. In previous posts I have reported that for the past few weeks I have been doing some radical 'spring cleaning', getting rid of a lot of ballast, trashing much of what I have retained for years in increasingly bloated archives

Finally, having winnowed out from my accumulated files the irrelevant chaff, I was obliged to contemplate the major obstacle in my narrow hallway, a veritable tower of about two hundred paperbacks purchased and read before I transitioned to Kindle. There is no market for second-hand English-language popular fiction in Munich. 

My habit while doing my clear-out was to ensure that whenever I left the flat I would be carrying out a load for the wastepaper container downstairs in the courtyard. Yesterday I started on the 'booky-books' in the hall. 

I know, disgraceful!

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Jessi said...

... But impressed by the clean state of your table ;)